“We loved working with Candace privately! She tailored our classes to what we wanted to focus on. She was patient with all of our questions while being first time parents. I highly recommend taking a birth class with her. She helped us feel better prepared for our birth experience.”

Darcy L.

“I really appreciated the time we spent focusing on the various birth interventions that are out there. I felt like we went through each with appropriate level of detail and helped me feel more grounded. We also appreciated the fair and unbiased approach that Candace took—it didn’t feel like any single approach was pushed on participants. I also really liked the mindfulness practices with ice cubes! Helpful and new experience, even though I am a seasoned mindfulness practitioner! Thanks so much, Candace!”

Sara M.

When it comes to breastfeeding, Candace is a wealth of evidence-based knowledge, experience, and empathy. I knew that I wanted to breastfeed our first child, but felt intimidated and overwhelmed by the prospect. Candace shared information and resources that helped break it down and take the mystery out of the process. We walked away with more tools, confidence, and an actionable plan for when baby arrives. Highly recommend!

Meryl H.

The class was great to have an understanding of everything around birth. I loved your ice meditation.  

Also, my husband redrew one of the pictures you provided, and our son looked very much like the baby on the picture when he was born. So we immediately remembered the picture and thought of your class.

-Nora K.

“Candace gave us the confidence we need to advocate for our desired birth experience and we are very excited to utilize all that we learned from her in a few weeks when our baby girl is born! She’s a great resource and we highly recommend her!”

Shannon D.
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