Hi! I’m Candace.

I’m a Certified Childbirth Educator (BFW) and a member of Nurturely’s lactation educator community. 

I teach Birthing From Within childbirth classes. Birthing From Within classes provide a non-judgmental space to learn the realities of what to expect during childbirth and postpartum. We also go beyond information to practice pain-coping techniques, decision-making strategies, partner involvement tips, and more.

My Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshops use Nuturely’s framework. The workshops are for expectant parents – they help parents understand what to expect and how to start off on the right foot in the early days of breastfeeding.

I’ve also trained in Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss – expanding my skill set to include a much-needed aspect of supporting parents. 

Above all, working with parents has been my favorite part of this journey.  I love sharing information, answering your questions, and helping you on YOUR journeys.

A Bit More About Me

I live outside of Chicago with my husband, our four children, our dog, and our backyard chickens.  My husband and I grew up on the East coast, met at the University of Maryland, and lived in Washington DC and Maryland for over 10 years before moving to the Midwest.  I love nature, hiking, reading and writing, gardening, crocheting, and sewing, and I hope to run another marathon someday.  I enjoyed a career in digital media advertising before switching gears to stay home when my second child was born. Now, with Archways Birth Support, I get to combine my business background with my love of all things birth and parenting.

Why Work With Me?

My mission is to help parents enter birth with information, support, and confidence. I believe each family’s birth and early parenting experience is important. When parents know their options and what to expect, they’re more likely to feel respected and supported during birth and postpartum. That makes for a more positive transition to parenthood.

Expect plenty of evidence-based information, along with interactive activities. My childbirth classes cover the basics of childbirth and postpartum in an engaging way.

I support you and your choices. You deserve preparation that is unbiased and down to earth. All of my classes include connection with me via email because I know from experience that worries and questions can come up after class ends.

There is no way to be 100% prepared for the transition to parenthood. But Archways Birth Support will help you tap into your own wisdom and power through a foundation of knowledge, planning, and reflection.

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