Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshop

The breastfeeding relationship can be so rewarding – full of nourishment and love. At the same time, many parents are shocked when they realize just how time-consuming and energy-consuming feeding a newborn is.  The early days of parenting are intense and often full of uncertainty.  You can alleviate some of that stress by learning about breastfeeding now – before you’re juggling your own recovery and caring for your newborn.

This workshop covers the basics of breastfeeding, realistic expectations for the early days with your baby, and how to prevent common pitfalls that can cause nursing to end before you are ready.

Rate (per couple): $50 for virtual 2-hour workshop

You Will Learn:

  • Newborn feeding behavior
  • Common breastfeeding challenges
  • Nursing positions
  • Inspiring facts about human milk
  • Correct latch
  • Infant bonding facts and tips
  • Milk supply basics
  • Practical advice for postpartum
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