Birthing From Within Childbirth Classes

This comprehensive series of childbirth classes gives you the information and tools to make informed decisions. 

We will go beyond information, too, with pain-coping techniques and mindfulness practice, birth and postpartum planning, and other engaging activities.

Rates (per couple): $180 for in-person 1-day Express*, $375 for virtual 5-week series, $240 for virtual Express weekend*

Upcoming: In-person Express afternoon classes at Prenatal Fit in Chicago! More dates on the Registration Pages

You Will Learn:

  • Stages of labor
  • Anatomy of a birthing body
  • Pregnancy nutrition and fitness
  • Mind/body connection
  • Mindfulness/coping techniques
  • Labor positions
  • Variations of labor
  • Partner involvement and tips
  • Labor comfort measures
  • Birth planning
  • Postpartum comfort measures
  • Postpartum planning
  • Decision-making strategies
  • Much more!

You Will Get:

  • practical information, pain coping and/or mindfulness techniques, and a multi-sensory activity in each class
  • practice with mindfulness techniques, labor positions, and partner support during labor
  • interactive activities to embody the lesson, including art and role-playing (no art skills required and no one needs to see your work!)
  • tools to develop birth preferences and postpartum preferences
  • helpful handouts for you and your partner
  • connection with me via email to answer questions from the time your class begins until 2 weeks after your last class ends  

*Experience Birthing from Within’s holistic childbirth preparation in an Express format that fits into your busy schedule. We will cover many of the same topics as a full series, but topics will be adapted based on the needs of class participants.

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